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TRANSEARCH International is the leading alternative to commonplace executive search. As passionate talent experts, every day we help companies build stronger leadership teams. Learn more about TRANSEARCH and our wide-ranging approach to leadership acquisition, management assessment, as well as our industry expertise.

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The high-stakes challenge of attracting and empowering executives is best met with the support of a firm that has a proven track record of success. The tools that TRANSEARCH International uses provide a unique perspective regarding culture, performance, leadership, and team "fit". And our integration methodology ensures that new leaders are integrated quickly and successfully without breaking stride.


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You Can’t Share a Message that Is Never Opened

** As published on AESC Bluesteps

Sending that first message to someone is a critical part of the job seeking process. The subject line needs to give the reader an interest in learning more and a desire to read the message. Candidates should consider: What is their mission? What is the most efficient way to achieve that mission? For many years, executives have tried to create the perfect formula for a message subject line, but there is no single solution. Three things to consider in creating an effective e-mail subject line are: creativity, relevance, and enticement.

How To Network With Executive Search Consultants

AESC BlueSteps Executive Webinar Series featuring Chris Swan

Executive POV: The Right People are Fundamental to any Business Turnaround

Your business turnaround is underway…

  • You have defined the problem.
  • You are working on the plan.
  • Now, you need the right people who are capable and want to implement the plan.

In every turnaround I worked on, the “wrong people” were let go, quickly but fairly and with dignity. In truth, they were below “B” players and should have been let go years earlier. They were the people who just did not get it. They were people who could not implement the plan. And they were the people who did not want to implement the plan.

Networking with Executive Recruiters (Tweet Chat Transcript)

Transcript from the BlueSteps #ExecCareer Chat, “Networking with Executive Recruiters” featuring Chris Swan  from TRANSEARCH USA.


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Executive POV: Your Product Development Cycle

 Digital Products 
Product development planning is never finished. It’s iterative, continuous. It starts small, develops, changes, and grows. It is in constant motion.
As a 21st-century digital business creating new products, when do you know that you’re taking care of a living organism that needs constant attention? It may take time, but the sooner you realize it the better.



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Technology provides the cutting-edge to how we live, work, and play. The Internet of Things is linking different technologies, far-ranging geographies and disparate cultures, into a single digital ecosystem. Big data has been a meta-trend driving various industries, most notably – Retail, Telecom, Financial Services, and Power. Wearables are hitting the stores, smart cars are hitting the road. 3D printing recently produced a titanium-based prosthetic limb. Multi-touch computing and holographic imaging are no longer pure science fiction. Beyond even that, years after tech magazines declared 2012 “the year of private space”, a sense of interstellar manifest destiny swells among the most ambitious entrepreneurs.