Bringing Individuals and Organizations Together

Creating a solid alignment between leadership and team members is integral to any successful organization.

Developing an alignment strategy that accurately reflects the organization’s goals and objectives can help unite everyone, providing a clear direction for employees and management alike.

Unlock Performance and Productivity Through Organizational Alignment

Alignment within an organization is critical to overall business success. When everyone on a team – leaders and front line team members – understands and is committed to the same purpose, it creates a strong culture of collaboration and trust that drives efficiency and productivity in all areas of the company. Alignment also helps keep everyone focused on working towards the same goals, ensuring that each team member is invested in helping the organization reach its objectives.

TRANSEARCH helps corporate teams achieve alignment between their internal stakeholders, processes, and outcomes. By providing customized training programs adapted to the culture of your organization, we help bridge communication gaps within teams or departments and ensure that goals are met successfully.

With our innovative approach to organizational alignment, we have helped companies worldwide increase productivity levels and drive bottom-line performance. Our comprehensive offering includes goal-setting strategies and facilitation services for large-scale meetings or workshops.

Milestones & Deliverables:

Step 1: Discover

Bringing individuals together to form a team is a complex task, and it can be challenging to assess the personality fit of particular candidates unless a structured approach is taken.

To that end, we utilize interviews coupled with Hogan Assessments that assess individual traits and attitudes, and Orxestra® culture workups that help teams better understand their organization or team. These assessments look at elements such as leadership style, structure, knowledge management, and customer orientation – as well as gauging employee morale – so that teams understand how they function best.

Step 2: Assess

We analyze our learnings and report back on what we have discovered. This step involves filtering information to uncover meaningful insights, but it also requires tactful precision in both the selection process and reporting of those findings. We use a careful combination of data analysis and human expertise to ensure the match is scientifically sound, providing a big-picture view of the learnings uncovered thus far.

With these results in hand, our team can take strides forward in charting the most effective course to drive growth.

Step 3: Transform

Within eight weeks, we meet in person to review in-depth analyses of your organization, coupled with actionable recommendations to move them forward. Our detailed plans outline steps that can be taken to improve alignment within teams and across cross-functional teams.

Ready to Take Action?

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Our services are customizable and bespoke so that we can provide you with the most relevant insights into your team. With fast turnarounds, you can start making impactful changes within weeks, not months. This approach gives our clients a competitive advantage in an ever-changing world where people are more connected than ever before.

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