Anti-Bribery Policy

TRANSEARCH is one of the world’s leading companies in providing Executive Search and Leadership Consulting solutions to Clients. We operate in all the major markets around the globe, and we pride ourselves on our reputation for acting fairly and ethically wherever we do business. Our reputation is built on our values as a company, the values of our team and our collective commitment to acting with integrity throughout our organization.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation (e.g. the UK Anti Bribery Act, The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, The German Criminal Code, Sections 331 to 338 and any other applicable laws in countries where we operate commercially) bring into fresh focus the importance of behaving with integrity – we will not tolerate, permit or engage in bribery, corruption, improper payments, or unethical practices of any kind in our business dealings, anywhere in the world, whether in the public or private sector, from any client, supplier, or contractor.

We will always ensure that we operate with appropriate transparency in all our business dealings.

We expect our employees (whether temporary, fixed-term, or permanent), consultants, contractors, trainees, seconded staff, home workers, casual workers, agency staff, volunteers, interns, agents, sponsors, or any other person or persons associated with us (including third parties), or any of our subsidiaries or their employees, no matter where they are located to demonstrate honesty, integrity, and fairness in all aspects of their business dealings, and exercise appropriate standards of professionalism and ethical conduct in all their activities.

We have introduced an Anti-Bribery Policy to reinforce our stance on bribery and corruption and to help our team and business partners to do the right thing when they’re carrying out our business. Our Anti-Bribery Policy is available upon request – please write to [email protected].