The Art and Science of

Attracting Outstanding Leaders

Through proprietary innovation, world-class industry experts, and an unparalleled global network, we will find the right leader for your business – someone who will seamlessly integrate and be successful from day one.


Searches Filled

With our proprietary Orxestra® methodology, we identify the right hire for your business based on culture, team, leadership, and performance and have become an industry leader, exceeding the average placement rate of 67%.

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Global Search Firm

With over 60 offices in more than 40 Countries and over 40 Years in Business, TRANSEARCH is the industry standard for global search. We are best placed to address your leadership consulting and search needs wherever you are.

98 Days

Average Placement Time

Our rapid time to hire allows us to save our clients both time and money by providing them with the most important deliverable as efficiently as possible...the right candidate.

How We Help

TRANSEARCH is a global executive search firm that helps organizations find world-class leaders to maximize performance and achieve their boldest ambitions.


Identify, hire, and integrate top talent to build the right team.


Unlock your leaders’ full potential and support organizational agility.

Board Services

Rapidly adapt to changing governance and board effectiveness.


Gain the insights you need to develop high-performing teams.

Make Better Hiring Decisions


The Orxestra® tools provide a unique perspective on culture, performance, leadership, and team ‘fit’, and help new leaders integrate quickly and successfully.

Hogan Assessments

With Hogan Assessments, you can be sure that you are hiring candidates that are a good fit for your company culture and will excel in their roles.

Who We Serve

CEOs & CHROs love us because TRANSEARCH is the world’s preeminent executive search firm, and we can help find the transformational leaders needed to stay ahead of a changing world.

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Board Members love us because we provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

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Candidates love us because we help them achieve their boldest ambitions.

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Industries We Specialize In

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Companies in the AEC sector need qualified individuals who can stay ahead of trends, provide valuable input and ensure that their organization succeeds, especially during transformation and rapid digital technology advancements.

Cleantech & Renewable Power

Cleantech & Renewable Power

The clean energy and sustainability sector is proliferating, and there is an increasing need for experienced leaders who can bring about change by implementing innovative sustainability practices.

Digital & Connectivity

Digital & Connectivity

In this new digital world, businesses need leaders who can successfully drive the transformation of their companies. Disruptive digital thinkers are crucial to staying ahead in an ever-changing technology landscape.

Energy, Mining & Utilities

Energy, Mining & Utilities

Energy, Mining, and Utilities Companies are facing unprecedented change and uncertainty, leading to a need for reimagining their business models. As the landscape shifts, many companies are looking to strengthen their leadership teams to stay ahead of the competition.

Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

The demand for sustainability solutions has never been higher. And yet, many organizations are falling behind in developing the kind of innovative, forward-thinking team that can take on these challenges.
That’s where we come in.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial & Manufacturing

With new technological advances, plants and factories can optimize supply chains and sustain lean environments more efficiently than ever before. But it takes highly skilled people to maximize those tools and ensure businesses have a competitive edge.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

From major global pharmaceutical and medical device corporations to start-ups and fast-growing biotechnology companies, it is becoming more critical than ever to identify experienced professionals with the specialized knowledge necessary for success.



Leadership is one of the most important keys to success in the increasingly complex financial services industry. With ever-changing technology, increased regulation, and an ever-evolving landscape, it's critical for businesses in this space to have visionary leaders who can guide their company through all the different transformations.

Our Mission

TRANSEARCH is founded on a culture of partnership with a strong focus on excellence. Our vision is to move beyond what is defined as leadership and talent acquisition. We are motivated by what is “right” for our clients (and anticipating where they are going) and becoming a yardstick for quality. We are always pushing the envelope to stay ahead of the curve.

What People Say


“Nic is an amazing recruiter! He was a champion for me during my career transition, helping connect me to an amazing opportunity within the renewable energy space. Careful attention to detail, an energetic follow-through, and a willingness to listen made a real difference for me in navigating the interview and offer process.
Adding that personal touch, it felt that Nic and his team were always interested in helping me accomplish my personal goals rather than just fill an open position. I would recommend working with Nic for any company looking to fill a position and any professional looking to take the next step of their career.”

Robin Gray
Chief Technology Officer
Soltage, LLC

“John and his team were a pleasure to work with, and most importantly, we were able to attract a top-tier candidate that fully met our requirements.”

Joan Hutchinson
Managing Director, Off-take Advisory
Marathon Capital

“TRANSEARCH has been a trusted business partner for Golder over the years. Chris recruited me for Golder as the company’s first external CEO. Since then, he has helped fill a number of key executive positions for the company and two external director positions on our board. Chris is thorough and has a deep understanding of our business and culture. He is brutally honest and has consistently looked out for the best interest of our company. I strongly recommend him and TRANSEARCH.”

Hisham Mahmoud
Golder Associates

“I have worked with Nicole for over ten years, first as a recruit and then as a client. The biggest differentiator for Nicole is that she works to not only understand the job that she needs to fill, but also the culture and leadership that the role will fit into. Understanding the culture makes sure that the client, as well as the recruit, are successful. Nicole also understands the business and how the roles she is helping with will support that business. Nicole is thorough, professional, and engaging on a personal level. Overall – a great resource to have in your corner.”

Nishat Ahmed
Vice President, Quality
M.C. Dean, Inc.

“From the moment Nicole reached out to me to the day I received my offer letter with my new company, she was with me every step of the way. Nicole has a very professional, confident, and reassuring demeanor, which are critical skills of any successful recruiter. She helped coordinate everything for me and answered all of my questions, and I could tell she was an advocate on my behalf with my hiring company. I enjoyed talking with her and, more importantly, trusting her with the process. This has been a big life change for me, but she certainly made it all possible and I am very grateful to have been lucky enough to work with someone very knowledgeable of this process and the real impact it has on her clients. If you are ever in need of finding a qualified candidate or getting connected to a potential new employer, I would highly recommend Nicole.”

Greg Swan
Director Of Quality Assurance - OCONUS
M.C. Dean, Inc.

“I appreciate your TRANSEARCH support in the process. I think you collectively did a great job in taking time to see what I was looking for in my next role, assessing my skill sets and preparing me for interview. I also think you presented my experience well and helped the communication lead to successful outcome for us all.”

Gabriel Goffman
Paragon Energy Capital

“Working with Nicole and the TRANSEARCH team was perfect throughout the interview and evaluation process. They presented me a fantastic opportunity that was well-aligned with my background and strengths. They efficiently gathered the information they needed to present those strengths to their client and actively facilitated the engagement. TRANSEARCH produced results for me, and I’m excited about my new job and the opportunities in front of me!”

Scott Stafford
Program Manager
M.C. Dean, Inc.

“My experience with TRANSEARCH was great. There was excellent communication throughout the entire process and I felt well prepared going into the interviews with all of their advice and instructions. Not only were they very professional, but also added a personal touch which I do not typically experience with recruiters. I would definitely use them again.”

Quincy Hilliard
Senior Manager, Risk Management
Osaka Gas

“TRANSEARCH International is the best executive search firm in the AEC industry. I have worked with Chris Swan for nearly two decades, first as a candidate, and more recently as a repeat customer. The team is fun to work with, but most important in my view is that they are trustworthy and 100% dependable. When they say they will, they deliver on time.”

Douglas Dayton
American Concrete Pipe Association

“From the first phone call to the one that extended me an offer I was treated like I was the only candidate. Nicole Brown was always upfront with me and very thorough. Being a hiring manager and now a President for an organization, the candidate experience is #1. I couldn’t have asked for a better candidate experience. Nicole’s approach was in which to educate, coach and ask — educate me on the role and expectations — coached me through hurdles and potential barriers — asked me questions every time we were on the phone, because she cared about the process. I would recommend Nicole and the team at TRANSEARCH USA to any company looking to bring on a completely well rounded group that will exceed your expectations from the first phone call.”

Kyle Frye
Synthetic MR