The Key to Successful Employee Retention

Employee retention is a top priority for businesses of all sizes.

A business should consider providing enough variety and challenge for their employees to build fluidity within the company, leading to better employee retention.

Purpose, Flexibility, and Respect: The New Generation of Leaders

There are numerous reasons why an employee might leave their job, which goes beyond the typical off-market compensation structure. It also includes organizational instability and a lack of purpose in one’s job.

For the next generation of leaders, employees want to be more driven by their values than merely a paycheck.

Employees may feel they have more opportunities with other organizations if the company is not growing. Therefore, continually asking team members what will help them grow and succeed while understanding their work/life integration needs, such as flexibility and time off, is essential.

Additionally, employers must build a solid reputation regarding benefits and how long-term employees are respected; no one wants to work for an employer who leaves them behind after 35 years with only a gold watch.

Through our strategic research and data analysis, we strive to provide business owners with a tailored approach developed specifically for their industry that addresses the needs of both employers and employees.

Milestones & Deliverables:

Step 1: Discover

When it comes to employee retention, one of the most crucial elements is uncovering what makes your employees stay or go – especially in today’s competitive job market.

The key to doing this is through discovery, which can come through various tools such as live interviews, assessments, and surveys. These methods can help provide evidence to direct their employee engagement initiatives and maintain morale among their workforce.

Step 2: Assess

We analyze our learnings and report back on what we have discovered. This step involves filtering information to uncover meaningful insights, but it also requires tactful precision in both the selection process and reporting of those findings. We use a careful combination of data analysis and human expertise to ensure the match is scientifically sound, providing a big-picture view of the learnings uncovered thus far.

With these results in hand, our team can take strides forward in charting the most effective course to drive growth.

Step 3: Transform

Within eight weeks, we meet in person to review in-depth analyses of employee retention initiatives and actionable recommendations to move them forward. Our detailed plans outline steps that can be taken to improve retention rates while ensuring they align with the company’s mission and values.

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